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My Journey is a simple but drawn out one. full of harsh revelations, deaths, trips and falls. but i will give you as much detail as possible. Hopefully,  this can be one of inspiration. As i find it is my purpose to do such. 


My journey started when my mom passed/transitioned back in 2008, which was a trying year for me, when all the journeys i have traveled as a young man and child had come to a crossroads. watching my mom and some friends/fam close and distant, live the ways they did, as well as myself engaging in countless festivities.  Had realized something was off with the way things were mentally and physically, i was always the one out of the many bunches i have come across, or befriend, to think outside of the box or throw the box away entirely.  while it was sometimes annoying to some although they never voiced it much until near my departure from being around toxicity. and i mean in everyway.   mentally physically and spiritually.  They would also tell me how great they thought i was.. "privately" go figure. but anyways. i was overweight by about 60 pounds, i went from 230 pounds now down to the 150s-170s when i want to add on extra bulk. i go 170 and less 150s. 


How i did it was simple but i didn't realize like many who try and alter their lifestyle for the better, was i was complicating it by going on occasional diets and come off worse than i went in. because of cravings and no detox or fasting.. when my mom transitioned and i was diagnosed with an illness myself. began my road to not caring what anyone thought and not trying to drag a bandwagon with me to empower me. i did it all alone. because that's how it should always happen it is your life. you body/car/vessel, and you are the only one driving no one is in the passenger side or backseat driving.


I started by going vegetarian for 1 year, which was by complete accident when i found out their was a level beyond vegetarian. i noticed while i was vegetarian i'd still crave and go for cheese and mayonnaise and a lot of jarred items, while i did began to loose weight it wasn't enough. this was around 2010-2011. then i came across the knowledge of what it meant to be vegan and the differences. and felt like i came this far, i can push further. Already having an edge in culinary it made things a lot easier to bare. an edge most people do not have. but not hard to learn or pick up. as well i had no help. there is much help these days with youtube channels facebook groups etc. which weren't available when i began. at least i weren't aware of them like the next lifestyle im about to mention and the lifestyle i currently live. which has been the best i have ever encountered.


bio mineral balance methodology. which was brought to fruition by Dr sebi. Dr sebi has changed my life with his knowledge and wisdom and is not some cuuc. his methods work and i have not felt better in my life. not even when i was a teen. which were some of my harshest physical years of my life. But more on that later. 


So i went vegan for about  1 - 2 years and i come across information about dr sebi, not gonna lie was a little skeptical at first. due to conditioning etc. but i jumped right in the info and it all made sense. When first transitioning to Dr sebis lifestyle, i did not fast i did not detox, that came later, i just wanted to get familiar with the foods and where to buy them which was the challenge. i had to mostly order everything at the time i began because i didn't know much where to go. once i did, it took me no longer than 3 months to fully commit to the lifestyle. i felt some detox symptoms headaches, nausea, fatigue. even without actually detoxing. i was still detoxing the years of damage i had done to my body. it's been 7 years now since i have been on this lifestyle and i am now a pioneer chef/cook and nutritionist, helping people prepare meals, and offers cookbooks, and now i've brought my expertise to youtube. where i plan on reaching a wider range of individuals looking to change themselves for the better and further align themselves with their spiritual path, whatever that may be, trust me when i say it will happen once you clean the way you eat and think. Much peace love health and wealth. ^_^ I hope my somewhat vague detailed story can help inspire someone. i know it will. love you guys.

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