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The philosophy in which we hold, was Pioneered by the Great Dr Sebi, while other doctors have mentioned mucusless lifestyles none of brought exactly what Dr sebi has brought to the Table. it is called the Bio mineral Balance method. And is the Top nutrient dense lifestyle, one could live, this lifestyle supports all 102 minerals the body needs, as well as removes the mucus from the system which is key to eliminating disease. 

 We are next level in comparison to vegan, which most mistake those of us who live this life. as vegans. and the recipes here will provide you the ability to become so as well.


Simple Gourmet Recipes are Loaded in The Cookbooks Available, Perfect tool for those who are just starting out in their journey to the bio mineral balance lifestyle, Great for family and Kids, gatherings or fast dining, Check out this section for more info on the cook books available.


To uphold an abundance of energy it is a very great idea to eat plenty of raw Vegetables. Fruits, seeds, and herbs.
Cooking food may sometimes cause your body to overwork, and use energy you need to maneuver and handle basic activities. If you are new, Seamoss and Bladderwrack are key.  
Herbs are for the healing of the nation, try to get herbs in your system everyday, herbs based on Iron mainly and magnesium. Dr Sebis bromide Plus, is a great start, Bio ferro, Green food Plus. you can make some of these yourself. Check out dr sebis (website..)
Water, the best water to drink, is Spring water, because spring water doesn't rid the body minerals  and has no additives, the best water to fast with and the best water to add in your recipes, 1 gallon of spring water a day is key to aiding in eliminating mucus and overall staying hydrated.

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Lasagna and Garlic Bread